How to Thrive in an Upside-Down World: Educate Yourself & Your Kids

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A practical guide with links to carefully curated resources. Debunks the lies and propaganda we were taught is school. This book is intended for people trying to sort out fact from fiction and those wanting to home educate their kids with integrity.

You do not need to be a parent to benefit from this book or join our Locals community!

Most of what is taught in school is designed to confuse and mis-educate us. We get out of school with a mistaken view of how the world and nature operate. We plod along the boring treadmill of college and corporate jobs that is presented to us. We deserve so much more! We deserve to thrive and enjoy our lives.


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Section 1: Stop Reproducing Lies & Propaganda

  • 10 Reasons to Deschool Your Family
  • My Self-Education Journey
  • Discerning Truth vs. Propaganda
  • We are in a Spiritual War
  • Restoring Virtue in a Fallen World
  • Beware the Virtual World & Propaganda
  • Smartphones, Social Media & Wellbeing
  • Manufacturing Consent
  • How You Were Programmed
  • Deprogram Yourself
  • Question Everything

Section 2: How Learning Happens

  • What is Real? What is True?
  • You Are Not Your Body
  • How the Mind Really Works
  • The Missing Link: Identities
  • The Role of Emotions in Learning & Life
  • Your Kids is a Genius!
  • The Art of Learning
  • Creativity and Problem Solving

Section 3: Designing the Learning Environment

  • Moving from a Schooled to Learning Perspective
  • 10 Blocks to Learning
  • Natural Phases of De-Schooling
  • Design Principles
  • The Art of Self-Direction
  • Understanding Ages and Stages of Development

Section 4: What Is Worth Learning?

  • The 7 Liberating Arts & Sciences
  • History, Civics & Economics
  • Reading
  • Writing & Communicating
  • Maths
  • Science, Health & Wellbeing
  • Practical Life Skills

Section 5: More Resources

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This is a practical guide to re-educating yourself and (for parents) to educating their kids without reproducing the lies and propaganda we were taught. Resources for reading, writing, math, science, history, government, economics, practical life skills & more!

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How to Thrive in an Upside-Down World: Educate Yourself & Your Kids

0 ratings
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